Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Political Inspiration

Well, we have finally made it to "D-Day". Election day is here and what a whirlwind it has been. For the first time in American history, a black man could become president of this United States. And, not only is he a black man, but a liberally minded black man at that! Is this really the same America?! Some thought it would never happen but here we are and the future is looking bright. For those of us that support hemp legislation and marijuana legalization, we can't help but wonder if this new wave in American politics might be indicative of the possibilities that still await recognition and understanding by the American people and its leaders. Many democrats have supported hemp and marijuana decriminalization efforts in recent years, even a few conservatives, like Ron Paul. And we may have a democratic dominant house and senate in the very near future. So, what does this mean to the pro-hemp agenda? Well, it means that if people will collectively, and loudly voice their desires to see the changes we need in the hemp/marijuana debate, that we just might accomplish this. However, anybody waiting for a politician to risk their reputation or a possible re-election might be seriously disappointed unless the voice of the mass collective demands it from them.
The call for change will continue but we must demand the change that we seek!
Over 20 million americans smoke marijuana on a regular basis, and we are sending atleast $150 million per year to Canada to produce our Hemp for us while American farmers are living in poverty, and foreclosing on valuable, fertile land.
The big buzz word this election campaign has been "Energy Independance" and everyone, both conservative and liberal agree that this must be a top goal of the American machine.
Hemp offers us the energy independance we seek!
We don't have time to keep waiting for change. It's time for us to become politically active about all of the changes we seek as Americans, the time is now!
I hope that everyone will feel inspired enough by this current election to continue being active and that we will no longer sit around waiting for change to happen.
Last night I attended a Tennessee NORML rally here in Nashville. Though it was slightly unorganized and there were only a small handful of people attending, I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if that small handful of people felt inspired enough to help create the changes they seek? What could it mean for the state of Tennessee and the entire country?
We've all seen what a grassroots movement is capable of accomplishing. We are watching it unfold right now.
As I said in a previous post, we are sitting collectively on a precipace of great change and the wind is blowing our direction if only we will work to create the needed changes that will move America into the future.
I encourage everyone to start working on the local/regional level. Contact your congressmen/women. Write your senators. Attend rally's, talk about it with your friends, family and co-workers and help remove the stigmas that remain and prevent us from moving forward. Donate to organizations like the Marijuana Policy Project (www.mpp.org) , Vote Hemp (www.votehemp.com) and NORML (www.norml.org) and keep the momentum going.
Read-up on the issues and stay informed. And, show that the demand for hemp products is high, by purchasing hemp products.
I believe that soon, we could watch our farm lands become "fields of green". North Dakota will be one of the first, if the federal government doesn't over-ride the State's decision. Make sure they don't, by becoming politically active as an individual and joining the collective voice of reason. The time is now and for the first time in years, I truly believe that, "Yes, We Can!"

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