Sunday, July 17, 2011

Truth Fest 2011 Update

My involvement with Truth Fest 2011 has increased and I'm now the official Media Coordinator, of which I'm working non-stop on.  We're happy to announce that we have had several Marijuana Awareness groups come on board such as NORML, L.E.A.P and PUFFM and we've invited almost all of the Marijuana AND Hemp groups to have a non profit booth so we're waiting on some replys.

Stephan Molyneaux is also interested in coming, although we haven't received an official confirmation from him back,  I expect him to come through any day.  Look him up on YouTube, you won't be disappointed.

Our Special Guest is Richard Gage of AE911Truth.Org.  If you haven't seen his documentary, "Blue Print for Truth", it is a MUST See!

You can find out more about Richard Gage at the above website and at our Truth Fest 2011 website at

My job, besides finding guest speakers for the event, is to Get the Word Out!  I hope you'll help me do that by telling all of your Truth Seeker friends.

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