Thursday, January 31, 2013

Tennessee Invades 4th Amendment Rights of High School Students With Drug Raids!

It's here! Not only have drug raids on high schools become a biweekly affair in many public schools across the nation, but the kids are being conditioned to just expect it and accept it. It turns out many kids don't even mention these dramatic events to their parents! My son woke up late this morning to me and said, "Mom, they had ANOTHER drug raid at my school this morning while I was sleeping in", (he's a senior and he has a bad case of Senior-itis now that he works too. I said, "what do you mean Another drug raid?!" he replied, "Oh yeah mom, they have been there at least once a month since school began in August, I guess it's the new Principal." But then he added, ".., they spray our hands with this spray and they can tell if you've been smoking pot recently, I don't know how!" "What the Frack?!" How could I be his parent and not know this was going on to such a violating degree when I consider myself a good, pro active parent AND Anti-Drug War activist? In the 70's, we had fire drills and tornado drills, that was it! I know it's not like when I was his age in 1984, but this has become the NORM for them. They even had occasional drug searches in his Junior High School that I knew about and was still disturbed by it then, but this!? Monthly or Bimonthly all out raids with the police dugs, guns and men in black with guns?! This is clearly a violation of their 4th Amendment rights! This is something like out of, "Minority Report", or "1984!". What has happened to our society when we allow our children to be exposed to a Police State, even in their class rooms?!! The "probable cause" is usually a, "I smell it on you, we're going to test/search you!" excuse which is the #1 probable cause of using for crushing someone's supposed 4th Amendment right to illegal search and seizure for marijuana! Our teens are learning early that "we have no civil rights" anymore. Some of them don't even get why some people still shout about the US Constitution, "it's too old anyway, it needs to be updated for the modern age", I've heard teens and adults say out of naivete. My son is a little bit more educated about these matters. Mainly because he has a passionate mother who gets enraged to see anybody's civil rights trampled on! Because of my own run -n with the police state, due to my Medical Marijuana and Occupy activism in 2011, the fire that was has been ignited into a raging flame. In 2011, after becoming involved with the Occupy movement with very good but naive intentions, I soon become a target of the local under cover police! It's a long story, best saved for another day, but needless to say, it's been a life changing experience. Now it's only since January 25 that I've been legally able to talk about this because of my plea deal to avoid jail time. I voluntarily gave up my first amendment rights to Free speech to avoid paying thousands of more dollars that I DID NOT HAVE, to fight and expose the crimes of the local police department, I caved! I had a son, and I have MS and I'm permanently disabled from my disease. As my neurologist quickly noted, "You could NOT do jail time! Physically your body could not handle it!" Thanks to his written letter to the judge, I was offered my reasonable, though un-constitutional plea deal. I agreed not to blog or talk about my case for one full year in exchange for agreeing to a plea of mis-demeanor possession charges, because I was facing Felony charges and 10 years because of the fact I practice my 2nd Amendment right to own a gun, and dared to smoke Marijuana for my MS privately. But, the problem wasn't that I was smoking Marijuana for my MS, The problem was that I had started, or tried to start in TN, "The Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana" as a non profit political group to assist in bringing reasonable laws for Medical Marijuana in the State of Tennessee and unity with all Southern US States; the last regional hold out! When I went from secret Medical Marijuana Patient to out right political activist on now two unwelcome fronts, it was time to "teach me a lesson" from the tyrannical forces that be; our leaders of the UNCONSTITUTIONAL "War on Drugs"! Now that I can legally talk about this I WILL be talking about this more and more in the near future and I have a lot I want to say!! While I still have a voice, I'm going to have a loud voice in this insanity and if I they want to harass me and "set me up" again by stealing my phone first, then bring it on!" The gun ownership issue in my individual case kept me from getting assistance from any civil rights organizations and the so called TN NORML attorney I called charged a minimum of $7k up front and was full of shit, smoking a cigar in my face as he talked about how great he was! He sure wasn't very perceptive or thoughtful! My gun was taken away, and likely sold to a mexican cartel in Holder's Operation Fast & Furious, or maybe at a local area gun show and I no longer have a way to protect myself or my family after over $5k in expenses have been paid to the system in this this past year! I can't even afford a gun now! Is that justice? Even in California and Colorado where the State's have decriminalized marijuana, it is a FEDERAL offense to have even an unloaded, put away at the top of the closet, gun on the same property as marijuana. In the State of TN, it's called a "Violent Felony"; a Class D Felony. Even if it's 1 gram of Marijuana, if a gun is on your property too, you could spend 10years in prison! Don't believe me? Look it up! When I reminded the smoker that there was no violence involved, he told me that Tennessee State Law considers it "implied" violence and that's "just the law!" A lot has changed in these past 12 months as more of societies liberties have and are being violated now on a daily basis, and US citizens and elected leaders look the other way, even looking the other way on NDAA! Well, I'm not keeping quiet anymore and I will now spend the rest of my life fighting for Liberty and the unadulterated US Constitution and civil rights for all American's and all human beings! I may have to do it from a damn wheel chair, but I will do it! And if I inspire one leader, one more loud mouth for will have all been worth it! Please note that it was just announced just this week that we ARE going to have a vote again on this issue in Tennessee this year; 2013 which came as an unexpected surprise to me. Please go to NORML for more information about a way you can begin helping bring Compassionate Safe Access Laws to Tennessee! You don't have to be a Tennessee resident to help out. I realize this post imbues a strong personal, subjective tone but I am the many, I am millions of suffering Americans! I don't just fight for them! I fight for everyone! !! I hope something about this story stimulates your call to action! Fight for those of who are too sick to leave home, or too sick to stand in a line or at a rally or event. Help shatter the illusion of unconstitutional laws! Do it for Liberty! Become Involved! A lot has changed in one year for all of us, not just for me personally. Next, they may very well show up and take away your guns by law and they will come to your home and search for one if they think you are depressed or think you are "mentally unstable." Without even any proof! The burden of proof turned on you to prove your NOT "crazy" as VPOTUS said so ignorantly just a few weeks back! Speaking of "mentally unstable!" Next they will show up in your neighborhood in a "walk and talk", as they call it, to see if they smell marijuana on you or wafting out of your home. Then they ask, "Do you own a gun? Do you consider yourself a Patriot?" Think I'm kidding? It happened to me, eventually it may to you too whether you consider yourself a non criminal or not! PS, Make sure the dogs don't bark, their resistance will not be tolerated either! Wake UpAmerica! Practice Civil Disobedience For Freedom! Liberty for All!

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