Sunday, May 1, 2011

Buy A Hemp Product During Hemp History Week

May 2-6 is desginated officially as Hemp History Week 2011!

Hemp History Week is important for many reasons.  The week reflects back on Hemp in America.  From the history of requiring the early colonists or war requests for hemp farming.  We have entered in new millenia of information sharing and justice.  But, to date, US farmers are not allowed to grow Hemp, though they are able to grow Tobacco.  Businesses are forced to Import Hemp which is over $100 Million per year now and growing exponentially each year.

Help support Hemp in your own way this week.  Bring attention by contacting your government representatives and telling them you want US Farmers to Farm Hemp!

In order to promote Hemp AND Marijuana this week only, I am running a special!  Anyone that orders a hemp product from my website below,  will give all profit to The  Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana   
The SAMM is a Tennessee based not for profit organization that helps to bring awareness to the regions lack of medical marijuana protection under the law.  Currently, a critically ill patient with MS could go to prison for 2 years for just a few grams of  Marijuana!  Persons caught growing marijuana for medicinal and personal use face heavy fines and imprisonment up to 2 years!  70% of our prison population is interred for minor drug possession, 70% (approx) of those numbers are for simple marijuana possession.

Our Hemp products are vegan, kosher and organic and very healthy.  Start off Hemp Week, Hemp Healthy!
Thank you in advance for your support!
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