Thursday, June 23, 2011

Join Me At Truth Fest 2011 on October 1!

Join me on October 1, 2011 as I kick off The Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana's grassroots movement to bring Compassionate Act- Safe Access Laws of Protection in the South for those choosing by right, to use the medicine of their own choosing. This big Rock Concert event will feature some of the best in alternative music with bands such as "God Pawn" and "Rabbits With Glasses".

My MS (Multiple Sclerosis) helped me to discover the healing ability of marijuana as a medicine, and now even independent scientific clinical studies have showed that marijuana even has CURATIVE abilities!  I want my Medicine and I will fight for the rights of myself and any body else that needs a voice!
Help me start the kick off early by donating to The S.A.M.M. Now!
We need volunteers of all types!

We begin our drive by asking for pre-pay orders for our first annual 2012 SAMM Calendar, set to be published and shipped in December.  The cost of a calendar is $22.50 + 2.50 S+H. This quality high gloss calendar will feature the most beautiful medicinal plant on the planet, Cannabis.

Donors contributing $50 or more receive a free calendar.  Donations of $100 and up receive 2 calendars!
You can place your order at the link to the far right of this page.

Our goal is to bring all Southern States into a united front on the necessity of medical marijuana protection laws for Southern citizens with chronic and serious illness.

Help start the march to freedom by being an early member and make a donation now to help kick off this regional campaign for civil freedom!  The medical marijuana issue is NOT a moral issue, it's a civil right's issue, and until we start viewing it as such, the South will continue to live in ignorance and millions of southern citizens will be without their preferred, legal medicine, while dozens of other states in America are protecting their citizens with the necessary laws and we're being sent to prison for minor amounts of marijuana possession, facing prison for up to 2 years for a just a few grams of marijuana, or even just one plant!

It's time to shatter the illusion and take a stand, if not for yourself, for the people that really need you!

I hope to see you at Truth Fest!
Kim West
skype: kim.psi