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Ron Paul on The Drug War

Thank Ron Paul! 

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The Union - Documentary

I've just watched this excellent documentary and I wanted to make sure you had a chance to see it too.
It gives a great, thorough historical, political and corporate perspective of the Marijuana and Hemp Industry in the United States.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.   By the way, we are still the ONLY industrialized country that doesn't grow their own Hemp as a natural resource. We are IMPORTING it to the tune now of $40 million per year.

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As a Medical Marijuana/Hemp/Marijuana "Activist",  you assume certain risks when you decide to speak out against ignorance and injustice.  The biggest risk of all, is of course imprisonment for choosing to exercise your free will and harm none!  Well, after 3 full years of speaking out, I finally had a bullseye put on my back.  Recent Occupy Nashville activity on my part, led to my cell phone being lifted, perhaps by an undercover police officer or plant.  I had my twitter account linked to the phone @hempamerica,  it has a huge "Pot Freedom" marijuana leaf as my icon and inserts itself into text messages sent from my cell phone.  Supposedly, the person who stole my cellphone was arrested for something else entirely and had my phone, I'd apparently also given him one of my Southern Alliance for Medical Marijuana business cards and he had that on his person as well.  So, when they came to talk to me about my phone, 3 of them, I opened the door and they said they "smelled marijuana" so had probable cause to enter.  The rest went down hill from there and before midnight on November 9th, I was handcuffed and put into a squad care with a bad case of the flu and taken to the Davidson County Jail to await processing and bail.  Thankfully, I only spent 6 hours in "lockup", which was really just a big room with men on one side, and women on the other.  You were not allowed to lay your head down anywhere and when you used the bathroom in a nearby cell that had water and toilet paper all over the floor, you had to leave the door open 6 inches while you tinkled.  There was no privacy, there was no respect.   I was even told that if I needed my pain medicine I wouldn't get it, "we don't give pain meds out here, even with a prescription."  I quickly reminded the so called nurse, who was likely a certified medical assistant at best, that not giving my medicine would be a violation of my rights to safe access to my medication.  She made the stupid mistake of saying, "Why do you need all this medicine just for MS anyway?" That's how I knew she wasn't a licensed nurse.  I told her I'd give her my neurologist number and she could ask him. 
 Had I not had the cash to bail out that night, the migraine I had the next day would've been debilitating and leaving me in that pain would've been cruel and unusual punishment.  I couldn't help but wonder how many people in the room were there for simply trying to self medicate their pain or anxiety?  And, I wondered how many were there for marijuana possession that wouldn't be able to make bail for some time, or didn't have family support like I was lucky to have.  What about their pain?  What about their rights as human beings?  We already know that 70% of the prison population is there for minor drug crimes.  If that doesn't speak volumes, I don't know what does. 

I always knew it could happen of course, but I figured surely they had better things to do than to harass a middle aged woman with MS and Chronic Migraine Disease that only wants to seek comfort and offer some compassion to a small group of other sick friends.  But what you need to understand is that the drug war is not over and in Southern states like Tennessee, the penalties for growing, smoking, selling or giving away this herbal medicine are extreme!  

I had people ask me of course out at the TN Legistlative Plaza if I could get them some marijuana, I always said no.  In fact, I do recall my phone thief asking me to get him something twice and I still said "No!". 
About 20 min or less before Metro Police showed up, somebody called asking for some "Dro", again I said, "You must have the wrong #, please don't call back" and then...minutes later they were at the door!  It was one of the officers I realized pretty quickly that had called asking for "Dro" and of course,  I had not taken the bait but they came anyway...with the reasonable cause that they could smell it when I opened the door.

That's about all I can share about my case at this point but I have decided to go all the way with this case!  I am requesting a trial by a jury of my peers and I don't care how long it takes!  I plan on being quite vocal from here on out, even more than I've been before.  I want to do this for every other "marijuana criminal" in the State of Tennessee and in the South!  I've talked to 6 attorney's so far and I've heard some powerful related stories of people much sicker than me that have been taking pee tests for 2 years or more to make sure that they don't "use" again!  People with Cancer, Parkinsons, MS, ALS and other serious diseases.    

The law as stated in Tennessee is a violation of our civil liberties therefore is not a legal law in my opinion.   Other states have proven this, and Tennessee will too!  But, only with the help of others who, whether they smoke marijuana or not, believe that a person has a right to smoke, (or eat or drink marijuana) , especially when suffering from illnesses that Marijuana has been clinically and scientifically proven to help, not just palliatively, but curatively as well.   The science is THERE but as citizens, we keep our heads in the sand and hope there will never be a day that we or our loved ones will need this mild medicine  in the way that so many others DO need it NOW. 

Because I want to make this case a precedent in Tennessee, I am humbly asking for donations for my legal fund.  Some funds will also be used to capture media attention, and finally get The SAMM legally off the ground so that we will have a voice.  If you want your fund used for legal only, please note it.

Please also write your State Congressmen and Senators and ask that they pass Compassionate Act laws of protection in your State or residence if you don't have these laws protecting your fellow citizens yet.   The time is now for a Revolution!

See to donate online via paypal OR Mail Checks To:

The S.A.M.M.
P.O. Box 1195
Smyrna, TN  37167

Be sure to follow me here for updates and add me to your contacts on twitter @hempamerica.

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Spread the Word « Medicinal Cannabis & Its Impact On Human Health – A Documentary

Spread the Word « Medicinal Cannabis & Its Impact On Human Health – A Documentary

A big thumbs up on the above documentary. Please Watch it if you are on the fence about whether marijuana/cannabis is medicine or not.

Please Help The South acquire Safe Access Medical Marijuana Laws by donating to The Southern Alliance for Medical Marijuana.

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The Southern Alliance for Medical Marijuana Announces Spring 2012 Event

I am happy to announce that "The Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana" is going to host a Medical Marijuana Awareness Day in Nashville, TN on April 21, 2012.  We expect to have this event at the BiCentennial Mall, just across the street from the State Capital.

On Friday, April 20th, (ie 420) at 7pm in the evening, there will be a showing of the documentary "Square Grouper" by Special Guest Robert Plantshorn, aka, "Black Tuna".  He will share his story about being a marijuana smuggler, him and nearly the entire town of Everglade City, Florida back in the 1970's,   it's a fascinating story!  There will be a $7 Fee for the movie to help cover expenses.  We are considering food and a cash bar as well for Friday night.

On Friday, 420, in the mid- morning, there will be a March on the State Capitol for a call on elected State officials to pass  SB1520 in the 2012 session, which calls for Safe Access medical marijuana protection laws for hundreds of thousands of Tennesseans, allowing many to receive non pharmaceutical alternatives to control many serious physical symptoms like chronic pain, nausea,  muscle spasticity etc and, even receive scientifically proven HEALING benefits as well, not just Palliative relief, but healing from Marijuana.  The research is out there and it needs to be shared!!

We are asking all Tennesseans and any other Pro-MMJ supporters that we can get, especially from the South, to please attend and show your support.  If you own a business, please consider becoming a sponsor.

This fund raiser event will help launch statewide campaigns throughout the Southern U.S.  The goal of The S.A.M.M. is to work with other Southern State's organizations as a collective to aid in group promotion and strength in numbers.  The South is simply different from the rest of the national regions and it's going to take a serious collective effort of all southern Pro- MMJ organizations and pro marijuana groups to start getting this kind of civil liberty protection under the law.

I will add updates here as things progress.

We need volunteers with varying skills to help get The SAMM off the ground officially.  I am in particular need of someone with good web design and maintenance skills that would be willing to volunteer part time to help me with the web site.  If you have any skills you can offer, please let me know.  We are of course, always in need of donors.  Believe me $20 may not seem like you're helping much but $20 by many people, equals great resource potential.

We will also need vendors for this event.  If you want to get on the list early, please let me know you're interested by dropping me a line at the email address below.

Thank you in advance for all of your support!

Kim West Hipps
skype: kim.psi
Twitter @ hempamerica

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Truth Fest 2011 Update

My involvement with Truth Fest 2011 has increased and I'm now the official Media Coordinator, of which I'm working non-stop on.  We're happy to announce that we have had several Marijuana Awareness groups come on board such as NORML, L.E.A.P and PUFFM and we've invited almost all of the Marijuana AND Hemp groups to have a non profit booth so we're waiting on some replys.

Stephan Molyneaux is also interested in coming, although we haven't received an official confirmation from him back,  I expect him to come through any day.  Look him up on YouTube, you won't be disappointed.

Our Special Guest is Richard Gage of AE911Truth.Org.  If you haven't seen his documentary, "Blue Print for Truth", it is a MUST See!

You can find out more about Richard Gage at the above website and at our Truth Fest 2011 website at

My job, besides finding guest speakers for the event, is to Get the Word Out!  I hope you'll help me do that by telling all of your Truth Seeker friends.

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Join Me At Truth Fest 2011 on October 1!

Join me on October 1, 2011 as I kick off The Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana's grassroots movement to bring Compassionate Act- Safe Access Laws of Protection in the South for those choosing by right, to use the medicine of their own choosing. This big Rock Concert event will feature some of the best in alternative music with bands such as "God Pawn" and "Rabbits With Glasses".

My MS (Multiple Sclerosis) helped me to discover the healing ability of marijuana as a medicine, and now even independent scientific clinical studies have showed that marijuana even has CURATIVE abilities!  I want my Medicine and I will fight for the rights of myself and any body else that needs a voice!
Help me start the kick off early by donating to The S.A.M.M. Now!
We need volunteers of all types!

We begin our drive by asking for pre-pay orders for our first annual 2012 SAMM Calendar, set to be published and shipped in December.  The cost of a calendar is $22.50 + 2.50 S+H. This quality high gloss calendar will feature the most beautiful medicinal plant on the planet, Cannabis.

Donors contributing $50 or more receive a free calendar.  Donations of $100 and up receive 2 calendars!
You can place your order at the link to the far right of this page.

Our goal is to bring all Southern States into a united front on the necessity of medical marijuana protection laws for Southern citizens with chronic and serious illness.

Help start the march to freedom by being an early member and make a donation now to help kick off this regional campaign for civil freedom!  The medical marijuana issue is NOT a moral issue, it's a civil right's issue, and until we start viewing it as such, the South will continue to live in ignorance and millions of southern citizens will be without their preferred, legal medicine, while dozens of other states in America are protecting their citizens with the necessary laws and we're being sent to prison for minor amounts of marijuana possession, facing prison for up to 2 years for a just a few grams of marijuana, or even just one plant!

It's time to shatter the illusion and take a stand, if not for yourself, for the people that really need you!

I hope to see you at Truth Fest!
Kim West
skype: kim.psi

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Buy A Hemp Product During Hemp History Week

May 2-6 is desginated officially as Hemp History Week 2011!

Hemp History Week is important for many reasons.  The week reflects back on Hemp in America.  From the history of requiring the early colonists or war requests for hemp farming.  We have entered in new millenia of information sharing and justice.  But, to date, US farmers are not allowed to grow Hemp, though they are able to grow Tobacco.  Businesses are forced to Import Hemp which is over $100 Million per year now and growing exponentially each year.

Help support Hemp in your own way this week.  Bring attention by contacting your government representatives and telling them you want US Farmers to Farm Hemp!

In order to promote Hemp AND Marijuana this week only, I am running a special!  Anyone that orders a hemp product from my website below,  will give all profit to The  Southern Alliance For Medical Marijuana   
The SAMM is a Tennessee based not for profit organization that helps to bring awareness to the regions lack of medical marijuana protection under the law.  Currently, a critically ill patient with MS could go to prison for 2 years for just a few grams of  Marijuana!  Persons caught growing marijuana for medicinal and personal use face heavy fines and imprisonment up to 2 years!  70% of our prison population is interred for minor drug possession, 70% (approx) of those numbers are for simple marijuana possession.

Our Hemp products are vegan, kosher and organic and very healthy.  Start off Hemp Week, Hemp Healthy!
Thank you in advance for your support!
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Kim West Hipps